The Last Page

A violent roar like a growl coming from deep within the Earth. Bags fly. Windows shatter. For a moment … people fly. Carnage. Ruta stands in stasis, punched by paralysis. Heart and organs flinch violently as what she sees sinks in.

In the Fox on the Hill someone cries tearlessly into a napkin over breakfast. In the Sophocles Bakery on Camberwell Church Street someone orders two croissants. A couple on Love Walk kisses passionately a good bye for the day. A Datchhund runs into St Francis Park after a ball thrown from Abbotswood road. On Moclar road someone kicks the Oak and on Stories Road the lights go out in the green house. It is over now.

A loud sharp rumble as another piece of concrete falls from the skeleton of what was a bridge. But that shock no longer registers with Ruta. “Why did this happen?” She exhales those words in pain. A voice comes from behind. Cool. Controlled. “Does it Matter?”


Published by: Rogue 47

A once theoretical physicists now a not fully economist and always residing in the twilight zone between knowing something and actually only knowing what you don't know. And always using The Force ...

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