Disclaimer: “Does it Matter?” is a novel about totally fictious characters that are however set in a largely real-world setting of specific areas in London. Evidently none of these characters actually live there, nor are the profiles of the characters based on people actually living there. Events depicted in the novel are part fantasy and part based on real daily-life events.

Does it Matter? is a novel that is work-in-progress. Instead of writing everything before showing you anything I decided to do something totally different and to simply post here whatever I write and immediate after I have written it. My aim is to write short sections, not entire chapters in one go, so that you would get a sense of ‘streaming’ when you read it like this. You can read by simply going to the Table of Contents. I do not write in chronological order, so some later events are revealed in parts of later chapters while the events leading up to those will not yet have been written. To tease you I have added the last page.

When? Sometimes I will write several short pieces in a day and post them each time. Sometimes I might need days to post another piece. But I hope you bear with me and you will take an interest in the characters and the story. I will make sure that a table of contents is kept up-to-date so that you can follow what happens easily.

What? I don’t know! I have written novels before, but not in English. I am really at the start of this and do not now have a fully planned-out plot and schedule for the story to unfold. The best stories, in my view, emerge while writing. Characters do get to write their own histories in interaction with the other characters. They do get into conflicts, they accidentally run into one another, they make love when they believe their final hour is mere hours away. They live, have coffee, cross the streets without to much awareness and take busses … all in my mind. So if you ask whether I can tell you what the story will be about all I can say is that I can’t because the story will be unfolding as I write.

Why? I will leave the comment sections open. Feel free to share with me what you think and feel. You might even want to share with me what you think the characters should do. Or maybe you even have a character that makes it from your comment into my novel … or possibly you might even get entangled into this novel somehow. Those could be reasons why you want to read this and follow it. Those are reasons why I want to write it like this! I hope we will both like the journey!

How? Chapters of which posting has already begun (i.e. they are already in the table of contents) will be shown with a date of last-update to allow you to keep track of whether the chapter has changed since you last read it. I can guarantee you that there will be no retconning! In other words: events that you have read that have transpired, those texts will not be changed. What might happen of course is that extra events are added or that commiserations of characters about these events are added. However these will always appear sequentially as text, and not as amendments inside the text you already read. In order to make that clear, new material added will be added in this colour and will only be ‘greyed out’ into the normal font-colour after the next update.

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