Frank’s Famousest Speeches

Frank’s famousest Speeches does what it says on the tin. Here you will find a growing repository transcriptions of Frank’s most famous speeches. These speeches are famous to varying degrees and for various reasons.

Some are famous because Frank still remembers he spake them, others are famous because someone still remembers hearing them and finally some are very famous despite the fact neither of these two characteristics apply. But all of them are Frank’s speeches.

Can I quote from Frank’s Speeches?

Yes! You can quote as much from Frank’s speeches as you like as long as you mention the source. If you fail to do so you run the risk of being mentioned by Frank in one of his speeches … in particular if you leave a comment on one of his speeches indicating when and where you have quoted him without citing.

Does Frank still speech occasionally?

Yes! It is quite difficult to make him shut up. He is known to speech in public regularly but the absence of an audience does not compel him to hold back with public speaking. Sometimes he is simply delivering his speech in his mind while riding the tube, east to west, north to south.

What type of events does Frank deliver a speech at?

Frank delivers speeches at all kinds of events, be they small festivities, or exuberant occasions, be they funerals or weddings, moments in World History or private experiences in an individual life.

What kind of audience does Frank speak to?

Frank speaks to all kinds of audience, including to those which aren’t actually an audience because no one is there. Unlike Donald Trump, Frank is never flustered by the absence of crowds and he never seeks to make his crowds seem bigger than they are.

Can I see Frank speak on YouTube?

Yes, but we will not tell you where. There is no substitute for reality when it comes to Frank’s famousest speeches. Reading is the next best thing because of the reality you can create in your mind. The derivative reality of video is stifling.

Can I book Frank for a fee?

Yes, but the ‘speaking fee’ will be $0 and no other offers will be accepted. You are free to compensate Frank travel-expenses or accommodation. If you require Frank to sit still next to a well known speaker, say a Blair or a Farage, a Trump of a Clinton, then perhaps some additional compensation in terms of booze is in order.

Can I record Frank while speaking on video and post it to Social Media?

Duh! Of course! As long as you don’t tell us you did so.

Why can’t I find all of Frank’s Speeches here?

We are still collecting speeches and publishing them here. Please give us some time to get a good collection together! We are trying to collect all Frank’s speeches here, including those which he did not yet deliver … but evidently that takes time given that he has delivered speeches throughout the ages between the Ceremony of the First Anniversary of the Dino Extinction and his memorable speech on R-Day celebrations when the United Kingdom formally became a Republic.



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